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In order to meet the treated water needs of the small municipal communities and industries, standard Water Compact Units for the drinking water (GWC.WCU) are being produced by our company.
Modular design, low power consumption, plug & operate installation and easy operation makes GWC.WCU a compact and well accepted choice for water treatment applications. The capacity range of the standard GWC.WCU units varies from 25 to 1000 m3/h with several models.

GWC.WCU units use the fundamental water treatment processes; such as coagulation, flocculation, clarification and filtration. This enables simple and most economical procedures for operation and maintenance. Aluminum sulfate solution is added to the raw water at the inlet of the coagulation unit. After coagulation and flocculation, raw water shall be transferred to the lamella clarifier. Due to higher surface area of the lamellas, the flocculated suspended solids settle in short time at the bottom hoppers of the clarifier. The settled sludge is easily removed by the help of hydraulic pressure, by using automatic valves. The clarified water is pumped to the pressure filters, in order to remove the residual suspended solids. The filtrated (final treated) is disinfected by a chlorination system.